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To head off any problems before you start, hook up your computer with an ethernet cable rather than using the wireless for router configuration.

1) Log on to your router: in your browser type the router IP address. It's usually something like, check your manual to make sure.

2) It *should* prompt you for a username/password, the default is usually admin and no password - your manual will say for sure. If you used the wizard when installing it the first time, it prompted you to change the password - if you did and forgot the password, you're going to have to do a factory reset.

3) Go to the "Tools" tab and click the Admin button. Under the Administrator heading type your new password & a 2nd time for confirmation. Click "Apply" - if you don't the changes are not saved. Now, you're set.

- Change the SSID (your network name). Most routers broadcast the make and model of the router, this gives everyone all they need to hack your router.

- Make sure your Encryption is set. WPA is more secure that WEP. There are several websites that will create random encryption keys for you -- just be VERY sure to write it down & keep it in a safe place.

- For extra security, set your MAC address filtering. It's not bullet proof, but it helps.


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