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Today i am posting a new post about the hacking windows admin password. You all are familier about the some other sites which provide bootable images to hack windows password but they are coastly. In this i am not using any cd/dvd but a usb. I make a bootable usb and from the usb to hack windows password. In this tutorial we dont have to type and long code or script.

Follow my all the steps according to given order, so here the steps

1. First download KON USB software from here.
2. Now extract all the files to any folder.
3. Now plugin the USB or pendrive and note down the drive letter(which is written as "Pendrive Name (I:)" Letter can be changed as per your machine.
4. Now click on KonBootInstall.exe and leave other files untoached.

5. Now entre the pendrive letter that we have found in step 3 and press entre and it will show a message that
"KonBoot installed successfully and press entre to exit". Now you have make a bootable pendrive.
6. Now plug the pendrive in that computer or laptop whom you want o hack the password and start it. Make sure you have selected boot from usb hdd in bios settings its mainly automatic selected.
7. Now while switch on of computer a boot scrren will appear in which automatic typing will there.
8. After the Bootscreen a screen will come with option 'Kryptos Logic : Kon-Boot' and something like this like in image. Now press entre.
9. Now a screen will come with logo of Kon Usb software and window will start automatically.
10. Now when Window asked for password then simply press enter no need to entre any letter in password box.
11. Now it will look like in image and after that u will see the desktop.

Notes will performing this

1. Dont plug out the pen drive in whole process.
2. Use it for educational purpose.

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