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How to Put Script Auto Like Facebook Fans Page on Blog | It is a matter of pride if you have a Facebook Fans Page by the number of fans that much. Not just be a matter of pride, but a lot of fans can also bring its own benefits, for example, we use the facebook fan page for promoting services or goods. It was not an easy matter to bring fans if we do not have a special way, unless you are a public figure or material in such great demand fan page facebook users.

The workings of the auto script like:  

  • If any visitors to your blog in facebook login condition.
  • if there are no visitors to your blog in facebook login condition, when the visitor to click anywhere on your blog, it will display popup facebook login page. 

How to auto install script like:  

  • Download the Java script file that I have created auto like Here or There 
  • Extrack file fb.js Facebook_Autolike.rar then open the file with a text editor (Notepad + +) 
  • Change part _URL_FANS_PAGE_FACEBOOK_ with your facebook fan page url. 
  • Open
  • Input file that you edit fb.js 
  • We recommend that you do not check the option (check box) make private so you can put it on any blog / domain.
  • Enter your email and click upload. 
  • Wait a while until uploading is complete and then open your email.
  • If successful you will receive an email containing a link javascript. 
  • Put the JavaScript code caller on your website. (To Dashboard> Design> Add a Gadget)

Sample code like this 

"<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> "

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