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The premium cookies are the alternative way to share premium accounts on our site instead of username and passwods due to security reasons. Some sites don’t have account lock option so for those sites’ accounts we share cookies and gives full features of premium accounts. On this page step by step instructions have been defined to use premium cookies. If you still have problems in using premium cookies you can contact us.

To use PREMIUM COOKIES please carefully follow the steps given below :

  • Bookmark the “FH JS″ JavaScript.
Drag the above “FH JS″ link and drop it on your browser’s bookmarks or
favourites bar.
  • Open the desired website.
Open the website for which you want to load the Cookie (e.g.,,,, etc.)
Wait until the website loads completely.
  • Click the “FH JS″ bookmark.
From your browser’s bookmarks/favourites bar click the recently bookmarked
“FH JS″ link.
After clicking it, a prompt will appear asking you to enter the Cookie.
  • Enter the Cookie.
Paste the cookie in the prompt text box and click OK button. Page will reload automatically.
If the Cookie is valid or alive then you will see a Premium Account.
  • After Logging IN, never Log OUT.
Logging OUT will expire the Cookie and no one will be able to use it again. So, please
never Logout.

Video Tutorial :-

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