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IP address is the most important thing for tracing any person in cyber world.If         the person hunting you gets to know your IP address, it means you are done.       But, Ben Caudill has made a device that will put your final IP address 2.5 miles     away.
So if a person or group monitors on you and get your IP address,They will come on the sceneand he will  find a ProxyHam device transmitting WiFi signal.
According to Caudill, technologies like Tor and its alternatives could provide anonymity but the flaws still exists i.e. a direct connection between your IP address and physical location. So, if your IP address is discovered, everything is over for you.This is where ProxyHam comes into play. It acts a “hardware proxy” that routes local traffic through a distant WiFi network. Thus, detecting the true traffic source becomes more difficult.
At Def Con, the device will be demonstrated and the full code along with hardware specifications will be made freely available. This comprises of a WiFi enabled Raspberry Pi computer with three antennas. One is used to connect to a source WiFi network (some public WiFi) and the other two are used to transmit the signal at 900 MHz frequency. The users would have to plug a 900 MHz antenna to their computer to pick up the signal.
Caudill tells Motherboard: “We consider this the last or worst case scenario, the absolute fallback plan if everything else fails.”

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