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Method How to Make $1,100.00 with Adsense in Just Two Weeks Part 1

Choose your Viral Adsense Arbitrage website type

There are three types of sites that work very well.
These are:
1. Viral Quiz Sites
2. Viral Content Sites
3. Viral List Sites

Let’s take a look at each of them in more details:

1. Viral Quiz Sites

When done right, Viral Quiz Sites can go viral at the speed of light.
It only takes the initial traffic to share the quiz, the quiz goes viral, and then the traffic will start to flow pretty much on autopilot.
Since the quiz is shared on Facebook Newsfeed, there is a good chance that their friends will click, do the quiz and share the results as well.
A great example of a well established Viral Quiz Site is
One of their most popular quizzes was
If you are able to create quizzes like this, you have a good chance to grow a very successful viral adsense website.

2. Viral Content Sites

These are sites that post funny, controversial, news or any other types of written or video content that is designed to trigger an emotion in people.
People share the heck out of these types of posts which is great for the site owner.
Examples of these types of sites are:

The site that made $1,100 in two weeks and grew from $0 to $6k per month is the exact type of one of these viral sites.
How to easily create viral content for your site?
You basically follow a couple of these big websites and find popular posts by checking the number of Likes and comments the story receives on social media.
Then create your own post about that story.
Never copy the work of other people!
Always rewrite in your own words.
Another even easier way to create very popular posts is to check which videos are going viral on Youtube.
Find a video that is popular at the moment and create a new post on your site about the video.
If you are going to take this approach, don’t forget to include at least 200-300 words article below the video.
This is because Adsense doesn’t like naked videos on the page.

People will watch it, share it with their friends, comment on it and of course click on ads.
The video strategy is awesome because you can create a hot post in about 15 minutes.
This exact video strategy was used in this case study (that made over $1,100 in just two weeks).

3. Viral List Sites

Example sites are and
Numbered list type sites works really well and all they do is publish content such as..
– World’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of 2017
– The 10 Most Powerful Brands In 2016
– Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week
– Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2017
– Top 10 most expensive cities in the world: in pictures
– Etc.

People love reading these Top 10 types of posts especially if you add nice pictures in there.
People read the posts share them and click on the ads.
That’s a winning combination for the site owner.
All you have to do is create 1 new top 10 post per day and share it with your followers on social media and on other traffic platforms.
You can create the content yourself or you can outsource it to a professional writer for around $10 to $30 each.

How to Get Traffic?

So now that you have chosen what kind of website you want to build and made your own wordpress site, it’s time to drive traffic.
As we mentioned before, some of the cheapest (and very high quality) traffic you can get from Content.Ad,, and
We recommend to start with It’s easy and fast, then scale up to bigger networks.
With Content.Ad you can start with as little as $250.
Setting up an ad on Content.Ad

Setting up an ad on content ad is very simple.

Sign up on Content Ad and add funds.
Then click on Campaigns.
Then click on “New Campaign” as shown above.
The next step is to setup your campaign settings.
What would you like to call your campaign? – Give a name to your campaign.
What type of content will you be adding? – Select the campaign type.
Noncommercial – will be cheapest. Choose this if you are going to drive traffic to your content only posts.
Advertorials – more expensive. You can drive traffic to advertorial pages.
Advertisements – you can drive traffic directly to your Clickbank affiliate link, but the price will be anywhere from $0.63. So, it’s a bit expensive.

How much do you want to pay-per-click to your site (CPC)?
Suggested: 8 cents
Minimum: 5 cents
How much do you want to spend per day? – set your daily spend limit here.
How much do you want to spend on this campaign overall? – set your total campaign spend limit.
Where do you want your campaign to run? – specify regions/countries you want your campaign to be runned.
US, CA, NZ, UK, AU will be more expensive, we pay on average $0.07-0.09 per click.
The cost will dpend on your click through rate of your ad.
The higher CTR, the less you pay for click. So make sure your ads stand out.

If you are going to go after worldwide traffic, then set to $0.05. You will get a boat load of worldwide traffic very quickly.
We have burned $50 in a couple of hours.
Do you want your campaign to target specific devices? – you can target by device here.

Desktop CPC:
Suggested: 8 cents
Minimum: 5 cents

Mobile CPC:
Suggested: 3 cents
Minimum: 1.5 cents

Tablet CPC:
Suggested: 5 cents
Minimum: 3 cents

Do you want to assign a block list to this campaign? – you can assign blocked website here.
What tracking parameters would you like added to all links? – add tracking code here.
Click Save when finished.

Adding Content to your campaign

When you have your campaign ready, go ahead click on the + button to add content to your campaign.
Next, click on “Add Content” button as shown below:
Popup will appear, paste you URL here and click on Continue:
Modify your title here. You can also upload your own picture.
When you are done, click on “Submit for Approval”.
Your ad will be in the pending mode.
It takes up to 24 to approve your ad.
When approved, you will see traffic coming in instantly.
Make sure to upload at least 2 different titles for your article and make the titles as catchy as possible.
Do the same thing with the image. Upload at least 2 catchy images for your article.
It’s because you will be able to split test and see which ad is getting more clicks.
Remember, more clicks = cheaper cost per click.

How to Get Free Traffic?

Can you start with free traffic?
If you have a full access to our premium posts, make sure to check the “[Case Study] How we got 329 Free (Instant) Clicks in just Two Hours and Made an Easy $11.12 with Adsense (by a complete accident)” where you will discover how we got 329 free clicks in just 2 hours to our viral content website.
However, with paid traffic you will be able to weed out winners and losers faster.

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