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So Now you’re going to add background music to your website or blog. First think about the music file that you’re going to embed. Is it royalty free background music ? Will most of readers be enjoyed by listening it ? Is it appropriate to the site niche ? If the answers to those questions are looking like good, so you’re in the right way.

Musican-RobotThe primary work that you should do is the hosting your music file on your server. Many free hosting services out there. But most of them are insecure and the probability of removal your audio file is high. You can use the best search engine to find the free background music files and host them on your hosting provider. If you’re a blogger user, you can use and other popular hosting websites to host your files. is one website that offers free space to host your audio files and embed it on Facebook,Myspace,Friendster, Hi5,Bebo and your blogs.. So make use of the website to host your background music files.

Another thing that you should consider is the file format of the music file. Midi (. midi) is a good format that can be used, because the files are generally smaller and so load quickly than others relatively. Also .mp3 and .wav file formats are good. But keep in mind that there are some internet users who still use dial-up internet connection.

Add Background Music code to website

First paste below HTML code in your <head> section of your website and make below changes.

<embed src="My_Music_File.mid" autostart="true" loop="true" hidden="true">
<bgsound src="My_Music_File.mid" loop="infinite">
Note:- Above code is compatible with major web browsers such as all versions of IE,Google chrome,FireFox, Netscape and Opera !

Replace My_Music_File.mid with your real background music address.(E.g: )
The autostart attribute tells that how to song file should be begun to the browser.If you have set it to "true" value,it will begin to play when web page loads. If its value is "false", the song won't be playing automatically and visitor will have to start the media player to play the song.
The loop attribute tells to browser how many times the song should be played.If you have set it to true, it will replay the song over and over time until visitor close the tab. When it is on "false" value,it will play once and stop.

Add Background Music code to Blogger

1: Sign in to your Blogger account.
2: Go to Template >> Edit HTML.
3: Now find </head> HTML tag in your blog template using CTRL + F shortcut keys.
4: Then paste above piece of HTML code just above of </head> tag.
5: Save your Template.
6: Yah...You're done. Visit  the homepage of your blog and hear your audio song is playing.

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