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You all may be knowing about Hello Bar.  If not Hello Bar is a plugin for WordPress which comes at the top of your blog with your desired text. This plugins helps you to get a lot of visitors to one desired page. If you are hosting any contest or giveaway, this bar will help you get a lot of traffic on that particular page.

We have created a clone of this plugin but without using any JavaScript it is purely based on HTML and CSS. The plugin has many features such as Beautiful Design, Shadow effect, Compressed size to get faster load time etc. In case the bar irritates any of your visitor, it can be closed just by clicking on a single button.

Adding the Widget

  • Go to Blog Title → Layout → Add Widget → HTML/JavaScript. Paste the below code in the box

/* Hello Bar Clone For Blogger by */
<style type="text/css">
#fh-hots{background-color:#EB593C;border-bottom:2px solid #FFF;height:30px;left:0;position:fixed;top:0;width:100%;box-shadow:3px 3px 3px 3px;z-index:10000}
#fh-hotsshow{background-color:#EB593C;border-bottom:3px solid #000;border-bottom-left-radius:5px;border-bottom-right-radius:5px;border-left:3px solid #000;border-right:3px solid #000;cursor:pointer;height:25px;padding-top:5px;position:absolute;right:5px;top:0;width:30px}
.fh-hotsdownarrow{border-left:10px solid transparent;border-right:10px solid transparent;border-top:10px solid #CC5200;height:0;width:0}
.fh-hotsuparrow{border-bottom:10px solid #CC5200;border-left:10px solid transparent;border-right:10px solid transparent;height:0;width:0}
<div id="fh-hotsmain" >
<center id="fh-hotsshow" onmouseup="document.getElementById('fh-hots').style.display='block'"><div class="fh-hotsblock"></div><div class="fh-hotsdownarrow"></div></center>
<div id="fh-hots" >
<center id="fh-hotshide" onmouseup="document.getElementById('fh-hots').style.display='none'"><div class="fh-hotsuparrow"></div><div class="fh-hotsblock"></div></center>
<center id="fh-hotsdata" >
Add your Text/Links here in HTML Format

Settings for the widget

  • Change Add your Text/Links here in HTML Format with your desired text/link and remember that you should add it in HTML format. You may also add buttons and other things as per your convenience.
  • Now save the widget and finally save the template.

You are done now. Now you and your visitors can see this cool Hello Bar Clone on your Blogger blog and you will get more and more visitors to your specified link.

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